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  • Venessa C., U.S. World Class Taekwondo: Tri-Cities Testimonials

    We enrolled our 8 year old in USWC TKD 6 months ago. She has had fun learning martial arts, while also learning about respect, discipline, confidence and effort. We would highly recommend this studio to any of our friends or family.

    Venessa C.
  • Jen S., U.S. World Class Taekwondo: Tri-Cities Testimonials

    My six year old has had a fantastic experience at U.S. World Class Taekwondo. Mr. Roach has a great teaching style and is fantastic with kids. My son has developed confidence and the meaning of respect, due to his participation in the program. He loves the classes and looks forward to each class we go to! Thanks Mr. Roach for being such a great teacher to our son!

    Jen S.
  • Kim R., U.S. World Class Taekwondo: Tri-Cities Testimonials

    We are amazed at how our son has taken to Taekwondo. He can be a little on the shy side but with Mr. Roach on his side he has built confidence in himself already. We just started going to classes and he loves it. We love all the things he is learning not just Taekwondo but respect, confidence and discipline too. Mr. Roach is a good role model for our son. Thank you for everything you do Mr. Roach.

    Kim R.


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